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II. Technical (Operation)

What are the benefits of installing a gasifier?

There are manifold benefits to be gained from installing a gasifier, including:
Saving in fuel cost : typically 50% of the spending towards fuel usage can be saved Cost Stability: Gasifiers operate on wood blocks/ wood chips, which has a relatively stable price. So the variation (sudden spurts) of oil prices does not affect the cost of production. Environment friendly: Biomass is carbon neutral, especially when used in gasifiers. So the greenhouse gas emissions are considered zero from biomass gasifier fired ovens/furnaces.

What fuels can I burn?

Wood /Wood Chips/ briquettes with a maximum humidity of 15% can be burnt in the GB Gasifired - Gasifier, lower the humidity the better the combustion efficiency.

Will the installation of gasifier make the work area dirty/unhygienic?

The producer gas generated from the gasifier can be piped to reasonable distances (up to 400 ft). Hence, the gasifier can be located in an area that will not affect the actual work area. Therefore, effectively, there will be no difference in the work area. In some cases, the work areas are cleaner as there no oil spillage possible around the burner area.

How is the gasifier installed to work with an oven/furnace?

Typically, the gasifier is installed in a location in the factory premises where wood/biomass can be stored and handled. In the oven/furnace, the existing burner is replaced with a specially designed producer gas burner of appropriate design and capacity to match the oven/furnace‘s requirement. The gas generated from the gasifier is transferred through pipes to the location of the actual usage using high pressure blowers. Thus there is no apparent change, as far as the oven/furnace operation is concerned.

How is the oven temperature control achieved?

Ans. The oven temperature is controlled by regulating the gas flow into the burner. The regulation is done automatically, use of closed loop control systems by our gas burners.

How is the generation of gas matched with the requirement of the oven? What happens if excess gas is generated?

GB Gasifired- Vergassen systems have the most advanced control systems of all gasifier made in our country. The control system continuously regulates the generation of the gas to match the requirement of the oven/furnace. Hence, no excess gas is generated – ever. In case all the connected burners are switched off, the gasifier turns down to 30% capacity (minimum possible load) and the gas produced is flared in the flare burner provided with the system.

Do we need skilled personnel for operating the gasifier?

No, the main work of the operating personnel would be wood feeding, ash removal, filter media removal and refilling. These are all periodical tasks to be done every ½ hour. One skilled technician would be required for maintenance and trouble shooting. The technician would be trained by us, in all aspects of gasifier operation, controls, maintenance and trouble shooting. The person should have basic working knowledge on the working of common devices like motors, pumps, blower, compressors, pneumatic cylinders etc.

What is the gas pressure at the burner?

The gas pressure at the burner is very low and is typically 50 mmWC.

What is the gas temperature at the burner?

The gas temperature at the burner is not less than 150 °C, but can be as high as 250 °C, depending upon the distance from the gasifier.

What is the start-up time required for the gasifier?

The gas production starts within 10 minutes, up to 75% capacity can be achieved within 30 minutes and 100 % in one hour.

What is the time required for shutting down?

The gasifier can be shut down practically within 5 minutes. However, very small amount of gas and water vapor will continue be released and will have to vented for some time after shut-down.

What is the maintenance schedule for your gasifiers?

Scheduled maintenance twice a month is essential for trouble-free, uninterrupted operation of the gasifier.

What is the time required for scheduled maintenance?

Typically 6-8 hours.

What is to be done if there is a gap in oven/furnace operation of less than one hour?

The gasifier can be turned down to its minimum capacity (30%) and the gas generated may be flared. This will ensure 100% gas availability almost immediately (within 10 minutes).

What is the quality of required wood for gasifier operation?

Any species of wood can be used in a gasifier, subject to the following:

  • Moisture content < 15% (on weight basis)
  • Size of wood shall be as required by the gasifier (depending on the model). Larger models can accept wood block of up to 90x90x90 mm size.
  • Avoid wood with bark as much as possible- this is because bark has much higher ash content and tends to have more foreign material/dust that wood itself.

How do we find the moisture content in wood?

Wood moisture meters are easily available in the market. These meter are conductivity based and can provide instantaneous readings.

How to ensure that the wood moisture content is less than 20%?

Batch type wood dryers are supplied with every GB Gasifired - Vergassen system. This dryer use waste wood as fuel and can reduce the moisture content in wood to as low as 5%.

If we have two or more than two oven – what would be your suggestion – One Gasifier for all ovens or one gasifier for each oven?

This would depend upon the location of the ovens, the complexity piping and the capacity of individual ovens. If the ovens are not far apart, and the piping is not complex, and the total capacity required is within our manufacturing range, a single large capacity gasifier may be provided with more than one oven.

Sailent features
  • Typical payback is within < 48 months
  • Fully Automated Gasification system & Burners
  • Very low maintenan- ce, No operative risk, easy to operate
  • Compact Foot Print
  • Multi Fuel systems
  • Dry Gas System
  • Zero Tar/ Effluent system
  • Highest Overall Efficiency
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