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What is the Space required for installing a gasifier?

The space required would depend on the system capacity. Typically, a 1000 kWth system, replacing 70 kg/h of Furnace oil can be installed in area of 750 ft2 with an additional 750 ft2 for wood storage and drying.

What is the typical delivery time of gasifier after placement of order?

Maximum Three months from date of order acceptance.

What is the time required for installation of gasifier?

Typically the gasifier can be installed within 15 days, if all the civil work required is complete at the time of start of installation. The time required for completing the piping work would depend on the site conditions – length, complexity etc.

What are the payment terms?

50% of contract price as advance at the time of placement of order Balance payment at the time of dispatch.

Are any approvals required for installation of gasifier?

No special approvals are required for installation of gasifier to the best of our knowledge.

What is the quantum of subsidy available for gasifier and what is the procedure for availing it?

The MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Govt. Of India) provides a subsidy of Rs 2,00,000/- for every 300 kWth of installed capacity on prorate basis. An application for subsidy has to submitted to MNRE (Govt. of India) along with a detailed project report. On obtaining sanction from the MNRE, one may install the system. The subsidy would be released after submission of requisite documents including performance report of one month of successful operation.

Sailent features
  • Typical payback is within < 48 months
  • Fully Automated Gasification system & Burners
  • Very low maintenan- ce, No operative risk, easy to operate
  • Compact Foot Print
  • Multi Fuel systems
  • Dry Gas System
  • Zero Tar/ Effluent system
  • Highest Overall Efficiency
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